Who’s behind the Automotive Reviews?

After finishing my four-year education at Texas State, I hope to join an advertising team for a prestigious outdoor or automotive company. I see myself succeeding in my choice of work by obtaining an opportunity to start my career. I have taught myself the correct assets to work from the bottom to the top, earning more than just monetary values. In addition, I hope to have my work published by leading agencies and receive worthy working opportunities from top companies.

Working as a professional photographer would not feel like I was working every day. I aspire to be a well-known automotive/outdoor photographer. Any time I am able to practice with photography I take the time to learn as much as I can. I am very much an active outdoorsman, and a career like these is that and much more. Starting at such companies will teach me new things to help me achieve my personal goals within the photography world. Plus being outside and participating in some sort of recreation activity most days is a dream career in my opinion.

To get a rolling start into this career I would like to complete the following. First, I need to continue to capture more photos so I can post more to my media sites. A great working experience to have on my resume could be photographing for a ​local dealership so they can post to their sites. Texas State also offers a ton of internships within the advertising/marketing field to help further my knowledge of how to help a company gain attention through various media. As I start learning new techniques of this field, I should start to learn what category my skill set fits best in the photography community. Every day should be a learning process to try different techniques to set me that much further from the competition. After completing some things I am positive to be hired at my dream career.
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