Matt’s Garage Review Summary

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.16.27 PM
I want to first start off by thanking Dale Blasingame for the awesome class. This semester in FDOM has been an amazing learning process. The class has taught us the importance of media and what it has done for today’s society. While the lab has enabled us with the ability to learn the ins and outs of media and programs to create our own platforms. The FDOM program at Texas State has to be one of the best at teaching the students something that they can take with them into any situation in their future.

WordPress was our main focus throughout the semester and it has tremendously helped us build our own platforms. Their site is very organized and helpful in​ getting you started on new post all the way to adding new widgets or information. The dashboard was the most effective tool for me when using WordPress. With that,​ there were a couple tools that weren’t very effective. The only thing that stuck out to me that wasn’t very helpful was the various amount of ways to do add one thing. I would much rather there be one way to add something than give me options so it is easier to help others when using the site. Using a site like WordPress has definitely pushed me to get more of my work out there and pursue a media-based career. For instance, later on,​ I could be working with a company that needs someone to create a blog or review their product to bring attention to it. There are numerous ways that this experience can help me in the future.

Using WordPress Site Stats, my most popular week was the week of November 12, 2018. During that week I had 44 views and 29 visitors. My most popular post of the semester was on November 15, 2018, and it was the 2015 Cadillac ATS. This post, in particular, received 15 views that day. In today’s standards,​ most people are looking for reliable four-door sedans that look good and this car is the perfect fit. It was really surprising to think my sister’s car would receive more views than a revised 2019 Silverado. My Twitter account received some love with 18 views throughout the semester. Again I would like to thank Dale and the FDOM program for giving us this opportunity to build ourselves a platform.
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