Driving a NASCAR

This day I was at the Texas Motor Speedway, which you should be familiar with if you have been to any huge automotive shows in Texas. March 26, 2016, I did something that I have never dreamed of doing before. This day I got to drive an actual Nascar around the track by myself. Through the Nascar Experience, the only aid when driving is someone talking to you in a headset. The only thing stopping you is a limiter at 165 MPH.

This whole event does sound kind of sketchy that anyone could come in and do the Nascar driving experience. However, Nascar was sure to provide a driver meeting before ever getting into a vehicle. During the meeting,​ we were guided through suiting up correctly and how to use the two-way radio so you can talk to an instructor for assistance. After going through all the safety meetings, we finally walked into the pit to be placed into lines for our turn. Soon enough it was my turn to give it a shot, and it was a ride I’ll never forget.

Overall the experience is very cool because it gives people the chance to do something they would have never thought of doing. The Nascar Racing Experience is a thrill you’ll never forget! It is exhilarating, completely real and you get to do them on the most iconic speedways in the nation. Needless to say, anyone and everyone should do this at some point in their life. I give the Nascar Experience a Matt’s Garage rating a 97 out of 100.
GoPro Footage From NASCAR Experience

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