The Straight Pipes Review

The Straight Pipes automotive blog/vlog with Jakub and Yuri. You can find these awesome guys on just about any source of media. Primarily focusing on uploading to YouTube to reach their audience. Always creating high-quality​ content including new and used vehicles every Tuesday and Friday. They’ve found a unique way to review vehicles that move you to watch more when you’re not even in the market.

I just stumbled upon these guys recently and now an active follower of their channel. Great vibes and content from two Canadian dudes who look like they are having a blast doing what they love. These guys are cool and provide real opinions. Still doing it in a way that keeps your attention. You can always count on them to cover the little things that you would normally overlook in a vehicle. The box test is what everyone should be doing in vehicle reviews! Definitely my favorite reviews on YouTube.

One of the most informative and entertaining automotive channels out there. These guys produce some of the most professional reviews that make other car channels seem so boring. Jakub and Yuri know their cars and keeps car enthusiast like me always looking forward to their next video. I give these dudes a Matt’s Garage rating of 95 out of 100 for the awesome content. Thanks for inspiring others!
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